5 Emerging Fashion Brands To Watch in 2020!

Yes, we know it is hard to keep up with recent fashion trends and changes, not to mention new and upcoming brands. Christmas and the New Year’s period was full of sparkles, glitter and sequins and as we enter this new decade, we want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. And when is the best time to reconsider our wardrobe choices if not at the beginning of the year?

Social Media is prone to discovering new fashion brands every day and influencer endorsement is getting out of hand. Let's be honest, it's impossible to keep up with all the content coming out every day. So how do you know which brands are worth checking, which brands are authentic, and which brands will make an impact on fashion this year? We will leave it up to your conscience and your shopping habits.

Let us share with you OUR TOP 5 emerging brands worth keeping your eye on this year: