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Experienced Fashion Clothing Supplier since 1999 - Aspirado Trading UK

We have been in the fashion industry since 1999. In the year 2019 we will be completing a good 20 years of existence in the fashion industry. Over the years we have perfected on certain products where there is 99% quality assurity we give. 

One of the most important things when deciding a wholesale clothing supplier is their working experience and the kind of buyers they have worked with. We have learned a lot over the years and that has helped us being one of the best wholesale clothing supplier in the UK, based in London. 

Our amazing Wholesale Wedding Dresses and Party Dresses in UK

In the global fashion market we are known as the best wholesale clothing supplier for hand beaded womens clothing. Each bead on the garment is sewn with hand and is checked for how strong it holds to the garment. We make sure not even one bead comes off. So if you are wearing a Neiman Marcus dress, or Bloomingdale's dress or Lord and Taylor dress, it probably may have been supplied by us. We have been known as the best wholesale party dress in UK for hand beading.  

Any evening wear fashion brand looking for best quality sequin wholesale clothing supplier, please contact us. Just click on ' Get a Quote '

Best Printed Wholesale Womens Clothing , Menswear and Childrenswear in UK

Our specialty would be printed dresses, printed womens tops, printed mens tops, printed mens shirts and printed childrenswear. Please note we do prints on both knits and wovens for women, men and children. For women, we have recently seen a surge in wholesale party dresses in UK. Interesting enough we have even manufactured print dresses with hand beading on them also. 

Expertise on Plus Size Wholesale Clothing

Apart from prints our other biggest specialty is plus size womens clothing. We have usually worked with lots of American and German catalog companies. They have been ordering with us, sizes all the way till 14X. We have been doing wholesale printed dresses in plus size also. We have separate dummies for plus size womens clothing. This would imply that we also have been doing plus size party dresses which is huge potential in the market.

Sustainable Wholesale Fashion Supplier in UK

Apart from the traditional women's clothing, menswear, and childrenswear, we have moved towards sustainable fashion. We are working closely with factories that have GOTS certification so we know that they are using organic cotton. When it comes to print dresses we make sure that we are using natural dyes not the chemicals. Party dresses do not always have to be hand beaded, we have made some really best party dresses in different fabrics like 100% recycled silk, khadi, and they can even be printed dresses or printed tops.

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