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Quality assurance is one of the most important stages of wholesale women's clothing manufacturing. This impacts the actual branding of your women's clothing collection when the customer touches and feels the quality of the fabric of the garment.  At Aspirado Trading - the leading wholesale women's clothing supplier in UK - we have a strong quality assurance team at the clothing manufacturing level. We have an quality control office in the same city as where the manufacturing of women's clothing collection is taking place.

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Our wholesale clothing quality control team with an experience of 20 years takes care of the following of your manufactured collection - 

1. Pre-production quality control

2. Quality control during production

3. Final Inspection

4. Post-production quality evaluation

Pre-production quality control of your Wholesale Clothing Women's Wear collection

During this stage, each component of the garment is thoroughly tested and checked. We use only the best testing laboratories  like SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas. We do not only test the fabric, but also closures, interlinings, sewing threads and all the other components to check their quality and durability, so we are able to manufacture a stronger women clothing style for your customers. 

If we see lots of defects we replace them well before in time, before we start manufacturing the women's clothing. 

A. Fabric Quality of your wholesale clothing line

Fabric quality of any garment is something that will actually make a garment sell or not. Most fabrics are composed of fibres that are spun into yarns, and then woven or knitted into fabric. Since fibres are the building blocks of all apparel and textile products, it is important to start with quality fibres. Any fabric must have the following properties - 


Comfort of any fabric should be seen in terms of its elasticity, heat retention, conduction, moisture absorbency, water repellency, waterproofing, hand and skin contact, drape and air permeability. 

Color Fastness of the fabric should be studied by exposing the fabric to different conditions, including acids, alkalis, crocking, environmental conditions, frosting, heat, light, perspiration or water. The color of the fabric should not smudge or fade. 

B. Quality Inspection of the accessories that will go on your wholesale clothing line

We take care of the following 

Closures - we check the strength and the durability of accessories like zippers, buttons, hooks, snap fastners, drawstrings, hook and look fastners, and other accessories. 

Interlining - also called interfacing. They are usually made of non-woven fabrics that add structure to the garment. They are used in collars, button plackets, waistbands, cuffs. We make sure that interlining is strong enough. 

Sewing threads - we make sure that the thread used to sew your wholesale clothing collection should resist from breaking and be compatible with the rest of the garment in terms of color, care instructions, construction. We make sure that the thread does not have any knots, slubs, thick and thin patches. 

Elastic waistband - We check the durability of the elastic by stretching the waistband by 50% and measuring the force needed to stretch it. The loss of force in the two cases should be less than 10% for the waistband to be acceptable. 

Since we do a lot of special occasion dresses,  we closely inspect the beads, braids, and fringes too. Beads and buttons are tested for their impact resistance against breaking, chipping orr creaking. Braids and fringes are checked for their durability in terms of fraying, unraveling, tearing and ripping. 

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2. Quality control during the production of wholesale clothing collection

Aspirado Trading monitors each and every process while manufacturing the clothing collection. This will include cutting, assembling, pressing and other finishing procedures, and ofcourse the final inspection of 100% goods. We understand the importance of this because poor attention to detail or carelessness when sewing could have a domino effect down the women's clothing manufacturing chain. For example poor sewn women's clothing will have popped stitches and loose seams. Poorly pressed garments will not fit the body correctly and could end up having permanent wrinkles. There is an elaborate quality control checks that we perform during the clothing manufacturing, like

A. Spreading and cutting defects

B. Defects in assembling

C. Defects during pressing and finishing

3. Final Inspection of the wholesale clothing collection

When the final production is made, we check their overall quality, their performance, appearance, sizing and fitting, and finally that they should be wearable. We see it from the final customer's point of view. The fitting is properly checked on the dummies. A lot of attention is given to the final stitching on the garment. Wholesale women's clothing production is checked for off-grain fabric, poor or uneven stitching, mismatched plaids / stripes along the seams, puckered or extra material caught in seams and many more check points. We define our major and minor defect zones. 

Post Production Quality Evaluation of the wholesale clothing collection

The main objective of this stage is to see how the final customer will perceive the garment and how it will fit her. At Aspirado Trading (the leading wholesale women's clothing supplier in UK), we actually wear the garment before shipping it out. So we know how it feels to be wearing , and how the actual customer would feel. 

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