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Knits, Wovens, Plus Size, Prints, Hand Beaded

Wholesale Women Clothing, Menswear Clothing and Childrenswear  - sourcing it correct ! - Aspirado Trading UK

It is very important to know how to source correctly keeping the trend and availability of fabrics in the sourcing market in mind ! The womenswear buyer, childrenswear buyer, or menswear buyer or the fashion designers from these respective departments, should fully be aware of the cost, fabric quality and the practical aspects of production of their product. 

If you are a fashion designer, or a fashion start-up, and are looking for wholesale clothing uk supplier with no minimum order quantity then Aspirado Trading can help you source it properly all the way from fabrics, prints to the finished garment. 

Development of Womens Designer Wholesale Clothing UK

We are a well experienced and very responsible fashion wholesale and sourcing company in UK. Our main idea is to work closely with the buyer or the designer at various fashion businesses and develop the collection and source for them according to their newest trends (moodboards) keeping the cost in mind. The product development team makes an enhanced checklist all the way from fabric, the correct pantone number from the pantone book, right type of stitching machine being used, to the finishing of the garment. 

Lately we have developed a lot of vintage collection and are known as the best ' vintage clothing wholesale supplier in London, UK '. We have been working on some natural sustainable material to make these vintage clothing styles for our buyers. 

Wholesale Clothing - source from certified factories

Our stylish wholesale clothing range is backed up with several factories that have these certifications - WRAP, SEDEX, C-TPAT, GOTS, BSCI etc. Having these certifications we have always given our fashion buyers great quality of womenswear, childrenswear and menswear, making us the best wholesale clothing company in London. 

Having these certifications, this makes us one of the most preferred and trusted sourcing wholesale clothing supplier in the UK. This way we ensure that we are following ethical norms while manufacturing wholesale clothing for our clients. 

Buy Wholesale Clothing that lasts for long

As a fashion wholesale company in UK we take care of the garment's product lifecycle, meaning we make sure that the durability of the garment is long enough. So it will be different for knitting and wovens. For example for a knitwear physical durability will  be determined by the degree of pilling which occurs over time.


Keep in the mind the durability of a womens clothing style, for instance, is emotional also ! We make sure that the goods reach to our clients within the right time of the final consumer's desirability for that, say, womens top or printed dress.

We sell wholesale fashion that the ultimate consumer appreciates and feels worth paying for ! Customers who buy from several wholesale clothing shops in UK, will be happy to know that our clothing is distributed there as well. 

Stylish Wholesale Clothing - source it sustainably

In today's time the fashion industry focuses on sustainable fashion. It is critical for a sourcing and wholesale clothing company to know where their raw material (cotton, polyester) is coming from. So we work with factories that have GOTS certifications. If you are wearing a womens top, or mens knitwear or a children socks supplied by us, you should be happy as you are contributing to saving the environment a little. 

One of our hottest sustainable collection is 100% recycled silk collection women's clothing and naturally dyed women's fashion. You can see the final womenswear collection on our brand's website - AMPOUR™️ www.AmpourOnline.com 

Fashion Clothing Supplier - specialized apparel

Being the most stylish wholesale clothing company in UK we offer you our specialty, that is knitwear, wovens, hand beaded luxury womens clothing, printed clothing, plus size mens clothing and plus size womens clothing, and collections made by 100% recycled silk, and Khadi. Keeping sustainable fashion in mind, we use natural dyes for printing purpose, we try to avoid chemicals while printing on your womens top or mens knitwear or just any other type of garment. 

What makes us the best fashion wholesale company in UK is when we source we focus on the little details, like various sewing techniques can be used on particular fabrics to enhance durability, consider how trimmings are attached and co-ordinating design and manufacture to align specifications will also improve the durability of the product when it comes to the fashion manufacturing stage. All this is taken care by our quality assurance team in collaboration with the merchandising team. 

Buy Wholesale Clothing that has been certified by SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas

How we have gained so much trust as the best fashion wholesale company in UK is because we do thorough testing of the fabric - solids or printed. A number of industry standard tests now exist for fabrics and garments. There is no absolute single standard for all products. Each product specification should include clearly defined testing protocols. We use companies like SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas for testing the strike off and lab dip.

Trendy Wholesale Clothing - keeping up with the trend

You must be wondering how we stay as one of the most stylish wholesale clothing company ? Our design team closely follows Drapers here in the UK and WWD in the United States. Well, being stylish is just not enough, you have to be able to fit the garment right. Our technical department takes care of how the garment falls, that the garment is fully balanced, if there is any embroidery or any applique on the garment, it should fall in the right place. 

Once the garment is fully tested, verified by labs like SGS, BV, and 100% inspected by our quality assurance team, we fly or ship the goods to our client's warehouse, or if they want to collect it from the port or terminal.

Because we follow the best fashion bodies in the industry we are known as the best " catwalk wholesale clothing supplier in UK ".

20 years existing Wholesale Clothing company

Aspirado Trading's parent company, Amans Atlantic, has been in the industry since 1999 and has been voted as the most stylish wholesale clothing company and now the best fashion wholesale company in UK.