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Wholesale Clothing UK - Aspirado Trading UK : Shipping and Documentation

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Now that the women's clothing line is ready, full inspected by our Aspirado Trading pros, packed, it is time to dispatch and deliver it to you. We, at Aspirado Trading (leading wholesale women clothing supplier) take care of the goods all the way from our factories to your warehouse or wherever you want us to deliver the merchandise. We have our own nominated forwarding partners in various countries (UK, USA, Germany). We understand the importance of fast fashion in today's world. That is why we ensure there is not even 1 day wasted once the shipment is ready. 

This is our process of shipping and documentation of wholesale women's clothing

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Export Customs Clearance of your Wholesale Women's Clothing shipment

The export customs clearance is performed by a licensed customs house broker (our nominated broker), and requires submission of a declaration detailing the cargo and supporting documents. The supporting documents differ from country to country, but the freight forwarder will be able to inform you of exactly which documents are required.  For export customs clearance, it would normally be the shipper who would either use the forwarder selected for the international transportation or nominate a customs house broker directly. 

Origin Handling of your Wholesale Women's Clothing shipment

Origin handling comprises a number of activities performed by our nominated freight forwarder or his agent. It starts with cargo receiving where the cargo is unloaded from the truck it arrives on and put in a staging area where it is counted and inspected. The cargo is validated against the booking details and the forwarder’s cargo receipt is issued to the shipper documenting that the cargo has been received for shipping.

Import Customs Clearance of your Wholesale Women's Clothing shipment

Authorities in the destination country require import customs clearance for all cargo moving into the country. It is a declaration of type of goods and value which is used for registration and levying any duty payments. The import customs clearance is the process of preparing and submitting the declaration and the required documentation to customs authorities. It is not the same as customs duty, which is the duty levied on the goods imported, normally paid directly by the consignee to the relevant customs or tax authorities.

The import customs clearance process can usually start before the cargo arrives at the destination, and needs to be completed before the cargo enters the country. Cargo is considered as entering the country when it crosses the border and leaves a customs bonded area.

A freight forwarder, his agent or a nominated customs house broker is able to perform the import customs clearance, as long as they hold a valid license. The party performing the import customs clearance would need to receive all the required documents to initiate the process. Normally the process can be initiated with scanned copies of the documents, but some authorities do require originals before they are able to complete the process. You need to check with your freight forwarder or the customs house broker to learn exactly which documents are required.

Unless the cargo is sold on DDP terms (delivered duty paid), it is the responsibility of the consignee to arrange and pay for the import customs clearance. Often it is easiest to nominate the freight forwarder or the agent of the freight forwarder at destination to perform the customs clearance, as they will anyway have all the documents needed available. If they do not offer this service, they will be able to recommend a customs house broker who can assist. At this stage we must mention that we can give you both Freight on Board (FOB) price as well as DDP prices for your wholesale clothing collection. It can be one price only, not both !

Destination Handling of your Wholesale Women's Clothing shipment

Destination handling comprises a number of activities performed at the destination office of Aspirado Trading's freight forwarder. It starts with receiving documents from the freight forwarder’s office or agent at origin, checking the documents and submitting the original carrier bill of lading to the shipping line. Then the container is collected at the port and brought to the destination warehouse where it is un-stuffed and the cargo is inspected and sorted either for onwards transportation or collection by the consignee.

It is always the freight forwarder or the agent of the freight forwarder who is responsible for carrying out the destination handling. The reason is that it has to be the party, which the shipping container is consigned to, as he is the only one who can collect the container from the port.

Either the shipper or the consignee pays destination handling. If the commercial terms are DDU or DDP (delivered duty unpaid / paid), it is the responsibility of the shipper to pay all costs associated with bringing the cargo to the consignee’s premises, including destination handling. For other commercial terms, such as EXW, FCA, FOB or CNF/CIF (ex works, free carrier, free on board, cost and freight / cost insurance freight), the destination handling would be for the account of the consignee. If the destination handling is paid by the same party who buys the ocean freight, it can either be charged together at the same time, or it can be charged any time before the cargo is being dispatched from the destination warehouse.

Import Haulage of your Wholesale Women's Clothing shipment

The transfer of the cargo from the import warehouse to the consignee address and the cargo’s final destination is referred to as import haulage. It would usually be by truck or a combination of truck and train, and can take from a few hours to many days, depending on the distance and the geography. Aspirado Trading has its own nominated trucking and/or local transporting agents in UK, USA.

Import haulage can either be performed by the freight forwarder anyway handling the international ocean freight or by a local trucking company. Alternatively, the consignee might decide to collect the cargo himself or herself directly at the destination warehouse and save the cost of import haulage. If the freight forwarder is performing the import haulage, it would either be with own trucks or by using a third party trucking company. So the consignee cannot always expect to see representation from the freight forwarder when taking delivery of cargo at their premises.

The import haulage might be via multiple hubs, where the forwarder is optimizing the truckloads to make as efficient a distribution as possible. Some forwarders offer tracking of all these movements, but at the end of the day, what matters is the agreement on when the cargo will be delivered rather than the routing.

Unless the commercial terms are DDU/DDP (delivered duty unpaid/paid), the import haulage would normally be on the account of the consignee. At times it can be a benefit to use the freight forwarder for import haulage too, in which case the shipment would simply be a door delivery, and the forwarder would be responsible for the entire transportation to the door of the consignee. Note in this case customs duties will still need to be settled separately for the forwarder to complete the import haulage.

If the freight forwarder is not able to offer import haulage, there are usually many options available in the local market. Either the agent of the freight forwarder can recommend trucking companies, or the consignee might already have experience with certain providers. Otherwise it is about calling a transportation company, which has strength in the local market, that can usually be researched online.

At Aspirado Trading - the leading wholesale clothing supplier in UK - you can leave all your worries behind. We take care of every single thing of your wholesale women's clothing line. 


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