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Wholesale Clothing UK - Aspirado Trading UK : Merchandising

Knits, Wovens, Plus Size, Prints, Hand Beaded

Silk Rolls

This is the stage where we make sure that while your wholesale dresses, say for example, are in production and in the finishing stage, they have good quality of accessories. Eventually this will impact the branding of your collection. This would mean all the way from the buttons, thread quality incase there is any embroidery on your mens t shirt ( for example), wash care label, main label and much more. 

One of the biggest roles in merchandising is that we keep the costs in check without compromising the quality of the garment. 


Two type of merchandising done  

  • Marketing merchandising of your wholesale clothing line

  • Product merchandising of your clothing line

Marketing merchandising - Wholesale Clothing Line

The main function of marketing merchandising is

  • Product Development of your wholesale womens clothing line 

  • Costing

  • Ordering Marketing merchandising is to bring orders costly products development and it has direct contact with the buyer.

Product merchandising - Wholesale Clothing Line

Product merchandising is done in the unit. This includes all the responsibilities from sourcing to finishing i.e. first sample onwards, the clothing's merchandising work start and ends till shipment.


A wholesale clothing merchandiser's key responsibility is as follows:

  • Product Development

  • Market and Product Analysis

  • Selling the concept

  • Booking orders

  • Confirming Deliveries

  • Designing and Sampling

  • Costing

  • Raw Material

  • Flow Monitoring

  • Production Follow Ups

  • Payments Follow

  • Internal & external communication,

  • Sampling

  • Lab dips

  • Accessories & Trims

  • Preparing internal order sheets

  • Preparing purchase orders

  • Advising and assisting production,

  • Advising quality department about the quality level

  • Mediating production and quality departments

  • Giving shipping instructions and the following shipping,

  • Helping documentation department

  • Taking responsibility for inspections and

  • Following up the shipment.

Internal & external communication

Internal communication is also very much valuable. As the other departments will follow the instructions given by the merchandising department, they have very high importance. Other departments don’t know the buyer’s instructions; they know only the merchandising department’s instructions. So it is the sole responsibility of merchandising department to instruct other departments the specifications and instructions of buyer’s orders clearly.

Even a small omission, mistake or deviation of instruction may create big problems. Sometimes, they may not be correctable. Hence all the instructions have to be double checked before being informed to other departments. So we have our checks at each stage of dissemination of the instructions to other departments. This helps the process to flow smoothly without wasting any time and without making any mistake. This impacts the quality of the clothing garment and that too of the service. 

We give weekly updates on the production status to all the buyers of the running orders. There is always a daily followup with each of our factories. 

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