Eco and Environmentally Friendly Gifts for Every Budget!

Gifts, who doesn't love them? Did you know that many presents we give to each other contribute to the problem of waste? Starting from pretty packaging (which unfortunately is not recyclable) to gifts themselves. Let's be honest, many of the gifts we receive are left in the dustbin or not used at all. Computers, phones, and tablets are constantly being updated and the old ones are discarded. Popular presents such as electronics through to jewellery require an enormous amount of energy and they create a lot of pollution.

The holiday season, birthdays or special occasions are one of the highest periods of wastefulness. Receiving presents is exciting, magical, but unfortunately wasteful!

Find out our gift ideas and low waste gifting strategies!

Sustainable Hand-Made Journal

If you are looking for something to write on, something made from natural materials and animal free, check our latest hand-made sustainable journal. The paper inside is 100% recycled and is perfect for writing your memories down or can be used as a recipe book. You can purchase it here. Currently, we have 10% off on every journal:-)

Washable "Roomy" Tote

 AMPOUR's Tote bags are made from recycled silk, they are large enough to handle all your shopping and are very practical. The bags are machine washable and perfect to take to a beach or a trip outside of the city. You can shop it here