Why do you have to own a versatile vintage silk washbag?

Wash bags are one of those accessories you don’t really need until you can't live without them. They are versatile, practical and reusable, and perfect for eco-lovers! You can use them any way you like, style according to your preference, wash when they get dirty and store them wherever you want to. You can wash them in your laundry machine and use them the next day. We can guarantee they will be as good as new. They dry quickly and look brand new every single time.  

Washbags are sustainable and generally last a long time if you look after them the right way! By using washbags you are helping to save the environment and limiting that fast fashion waste at the same time.  

Our quality is of the highest standards, we pay attention to detail and have an excellent relationship with our manufacturers, www.AspiradoTrading.com, (women fashion manufacturer) who made this dream happen. We are especially in love with the beautiful patterns and designs. All our washbags are made from vintage silk decorated with flowers and floral patterns. The design is very feminine and can compliment any outfit and any occasion. Every woman needs a versatile bag in her life, and these ones will add an extra touch of class.  

AMPOUR's wash bags come in 4 different sizes. Let's take a look at all of them below:  

Large Tote Shopping Bag 

An ideal bag to store daily necessities in one place. Perfect for travelling, shopping trips and holding necessary items that we women always need. If you carry a lot of things with you every single day, you will love this bag from day one.