Where can I buy wholesale clothing online?

The magic formula for any fashion business is: “Buy Low and Sell High”. If you want to start a clothing business, buying directly from a wholesaler guarantees the lowest price which you can later sell for a profit. Same rule applies if you are a customer, instead of purchasing the retail price you may as well directly purchase from an online wholesaler. Especially as wholesale online stores offer a huge collection of branded clothes and accessories. 

If you are about to open your first boutique – Congratulations! on taking your first step into the wonderful world of fashion and retail! The key to success here is to do your research well. Find your target market. Find your own niche - what type of clothes do you want to sell? Find the trends that are currently in fashion as you want to buy clothing items which are in trend. You must be up-to-date at all times!

How to find the right women’s fashion wholesaler?