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How to find a trendy clothes wholesaler in the UK?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Are you tired of looking for a reliable, trustworthy Wholesale Clothing UK Supplier ? Well, we are not amazed. Did you know there are about 43,000 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in UK ?! By the end of this article you will be able to zero in on that 1 perfect Clothing Wholesale Supplier for your Clothing Collection in UK 😃

Wholesale Womens Clothing Supplier Aspirado Trading
Wholesale Womens Clothing Supplier Aspirado Trading

Given the fact there are so many wholesalers, it is very important that you choose the correct Wholesale Clothing Supplier for your trendy Clothing Collection. Someone who will understand your styling, your budget and the delivery time you want your collection in.

So what really is the way to find a trendy clothing wholesaler in UK ?! We will list out some easy steps for you to funnel through the best Wholesale Clothing Supplier for your collection in UK.

Before we begin this quick walk-through, you will have to decide whether you will do your research online or would you actually want to outside to the Wholesale Market in UK. We will give you the steps to find the best Wholesale Clothing Supplier, for both online search as well as offline outside in the Wholesale Clothing Market.

How to find a great trendy Clothing Wholesaler in UK, ONLINE ?

Trendy Wholesale Clothing Supplier Aspirado Trading
Trendy Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Step 1. Just go on to and type in ‘Trendy Clothing Wholesaler in UK’.

Step 2. Look out for various forums and directories for Clothing Wholesaler in UK. We recommend that you go for forums. Why? Because over there are no promotional activities going on. Instead there are unbiased experiences of various Wholesale Clothing Buyers in UK just like you.

We have already done the research for you, and we found the following Wholesale Clothing Suppliers forums useful -

The other source we suggest is the Wholesale Clothing Supplier Directory. In this case you wouldn't get an idea of how, what Clothing Wholesaler in UK is like, you will just get a contact list. These are some of the Wholesale Clothing Directories you could look at -

The above mentioned step is to find a Wholesale Clothing Supplier Online in UK. Now let us find out how you can find a Wholesaler OUTSIDE in the market in UK.

We have found that you should search for 'Wholesale Market' in your city. and then try to find out the list of Clothing Wholesalers that are there in that market. For example, we did a quick research on Clothing Wholesale Market in London and found out this -

Step 1. Once you have figured out what some of the Wholesale Clothing markets are in your city, it's time to make a list of Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the market.

Step 2. Check their websites and see their Wholesale Clothing Collection online.

Step 3. Finally sort out a short list of Wholesale Clothing Suppliers you would like to visit at this market.

Now that you have a list of Wholesale Clothing Supplier (from ONLINE or OFFLINE research), following are the points you should be sure of when talking to them. You can use this as a checklist to finalise your preferred Wholesale Supplier.

A. Supplier’s Incorporation date - How old is this Wholesale Clothing Supplier ? This will give you more confidence in the Supplier. You know that they will be able to handle your order.

B. The Team - Try to evaluate and understand their team. They are the people who will execute your Wholesale Clothing order

C. Customers - Who their current Wholesale Clothing buyers are as of today. This will indicate a lot about their current quality and costing capability. With this piece of information, you would even be able to gauge the Wholesale Clothing Supplier’s level and financial back up.

D. Quality - You want to make sure that they are capable of manufacturing quality Wholesale Clothing items. Ask them for some samples of their latest production, or may be their new sampling they are doing for their current Wholesale Clothing buyer.

E. Costing – Once you have seen the quality of some of the Wholesale Clothing items, it is time to get the costing of those selected styles. Do the calculation with that cost and the number of units you want for that style. Don’t forget to add local trucking. Does it fit in your budget ?

F. Ethical / Corporate Social Responsibility – make sure that this Wholesale Clothing Supplier is being ethical and has a formal Corporate Social Responsibility document in place. They should be using a sourcing network that has certain certifications like SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP, C-TPAT etc. This will give you the confidence that they are paying fair to their employees and they are considering the environmental concerns.

G. Customer service – Every now and then you will need to check where your shipment is. Or you may have some concerns after you have received the goods. Make sure there is a great customer service team in place. They should listen to all your concerns and solve them for you about your Wholesale Clothing collection.

H. Company Value – lastly you may want to check this. Does it fit with your company’s value ? Like at Aspirado Trading London ( we value the message of empowering women. We employ women, we try to work with Women’s Clothing Manufacturers that have more women in their labor force.


There are 2 ways to find out a Trendy Clothing Wholesaler in UK. You want to make sure that they match your Wholesale Clothing collection's design handwriting. They should have an eye for Trendy Wholesale Clothing also. 😉 If they have been in business for a long time, better for you. You can trust them easily. That means they have gone through various challenges and have worked with many Wholesale Clothing buyers like you. They have good experience.

If a Wholesale Clothing Supplier has been established in 1999, and has worked with businesses like Max Mara Group, Galeries Lafayette, Massimo Dutti, Bloomingdale's , Neiman Marcus; then you must atleast give them a try. Who are they ?! It is ASPIRADO TRADING (a London Chamber's partner member). Send them your designs right away - . Don't worry they will keep your designs safe and private.

If you feel you benefited something after reading this article or if we missed something, please write a comment below. 😃

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Dec 11, 2018

Really love this ! Very beneficial. I will definitely use this when I do my next wholesale clothing supplier research.

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