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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) Denmark

We value people who make our “hand” beaded collection. It’s their years of expertise of sewing beads, all done by hand. Come see us at CIFF (@ciffdk) in Copenhagen booth C3-10F . We have been in the fashion industry since 1999

P R E S E N T I N G AMPOUR™️ (celebrating a woman’s achievements) (

We are a London Chamber member fashion brand, launching 3 women clothing collections at -

Pure London, booth A131 ASPIRADO TRADING ( February 10-12, 2019

CIFF Copenhagen, booth C3-010F, January 30

Our AMPOUR™️ collections -

1. 100% Recycled Silk Vintage Wear

2. Lightly HAND beaded Luxury wear

3. Mix media collection- over dyed and hand block cotton, only NATURAL dyes used, no chemicals

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